Rental Terms & Conditions

Before booking any trip with Emerald Limousine, please make sure to read!

These vehicles pay the bills for the company and put food on the table for our drivers. Please have respect while in these vehicles. These are rules that we have had to spell out because of previous issues. These are non-negotiable! The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to any and all vehicles during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party.

By signing this run sheet I am taking full responsibility for any and all minors in this vehicle.

  • I understand that the legal drinking age is 21 years old and that Emerald Limousine, its drivers, managers and owners do not have and will not have any responsibility for the minors before during or after this event.
  • I understand that if at any time anyone under the age of 21 years old is in possession or consuming alcohol the driver can stop the run with no refund available.
  • I understand that any law official can and are allowed to aboard this vehicle at any time to inspect for minors in possession.
  • I take full responsibility for any such cases of minor in possession and/or minor under the influence.
  • I understand that I can be charged by law in these cases and Emerald Limousine, its drivers, managers and owners are not liable for any charges brought on before, during or after this event.  The driver has the right to terminate run without refund for any safety issues or indiscretion on the part of the client or any member of their party, this is non-negotiable.

NO SMOKING in the vehicles THIS INCLUDES WEED, CIGARETTES, CRACK ETC! Drug use is prohibited by law. If any drug possession or use is detected by the driver the run is terminated at that instant and no refund will be given. ANY type of criminal act during the run will terminate the run instantly without refund. Emerald Limousine is not responsible for any articles left in the vehicles. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity; this is non-negotiable for safety reasons.

NO JELLO SHOTS, CANDY OR ANYTHING THAT CAN STAIN/STICK ON CONTACT! There is a MINIMUM $250.00 CLEAN UP FEE ON VOMIT! Actual / Exact charges will be determined after clean up and or repairs are finished, this is non- negotiable! Please clean your mess at the end of the run by picking up any trash and getting it into the trash can. You do not have to remove the trash but we do not want the drivers/detail guys having to spend an hour cleaning your mess. If a bus is left trashed after the run, the driver will take pictures and you can be charged up to $100.00…  Do not stand on seats or sit on back ledge of the seats! If you rip, poke or damage a seat it is a $700 charge each section to have them Re-Upholstered! No standing or resting feet on bar areas! We do charge a $7.00 fee on each glass that is broken.

NO OPEN alcohol outside of the bus! If an officer see’s it he will send vehicle and driver home. These are moving vehicles please hold on ONLY to the Rails and ropes provided while standing. ANY damage from grabbing on and breaking any other parts of the limo/bus will be billed accordingly.

Emerald Limousine ONLY promises that there will be a stereo in the vehicle and this does not imply that all outside devices will work (Phones/USB/AUX/Bluetooth) with our systems! DVD systems are for DVD’s only! We do not imply they will play photo discs! Emerald Limousine WILL NOT add time or refund any money for devices or DVD’s that are not compatible with our systems!!NO REFUNDS will be allowed in the event of any type of mechanical breakdown (IE: Mechanical, Radio, A/C etc.) while on run.

Emerald Limousine will only be responsible for exchanging for a different vehicle (if available) and making up lost time at that time of the event and/or at another time of a mutually agreed date. There will be no refunds. Emerald Limousine does not accept responsibility for delayed travel time due to unforeseen weather, traffic, road conditions, (IE: Traffic, Not salted, Accidents, etc.) or any other delays beyond our control.

Emerald Limousines driver has the right to refuse forward service on any run that would or could cause damage to the vehicle (IE: speed bumps, gravel roads, small parking lots, etc.)

*NOTE* All Emerald Limousine vehicles are equipped with GPS. The office, managers and owners can see exactly where each vehicle is down to every 90 seconds. This GPS systems also records all driving habits of our drivers (Braking to hard, Turning a corner to hard, ETC.) This GPS system has been implemented to protect our clients, drivers and vehicles. Emerald Limousine can and will pull these records for evidence in the event of customer complaints or legal issues. If a driver is not given proper gratuity for a run (15%-20%) Emerald Limousine reserves the right to charge the card holder on the booking 15% of the hourly rate.

Through your payment to reserve with Emerald Limousine you agree to these terms and conditions and recognize that, if you cause any damage to any vehicle you are responsible for reimbursing Emerald Limousine for such damages including labor charges. You also recognize that you are responsible for all persons riding in the vehicle including minors. Please be respectful during transit, and recognize that Emerald Limousine reserves the right to refuse transportation at any point during the event for any reason (outbound, inbound, or mid-transit).

Cancellations and No-Shows

A no-show will be equal to the paid trip cost…If you cannot locate your chauffeur please call 402-206-2319. If it is after business hours please call 402-943-9875. Emerald Limousine offices’ & chauffeurs’ monitor all flights.

GENERAL TERMS AND CANCELLATIONS…(APPLIES TO ALL SERVICES EXCEPT SEDAN & IS NON-NEGOTIABLE): These terms are in place because it is almost impossible to re-book that vehicle for that time frame! Any cancellations 60 days or less will not be refunded and can be applied to future booking based on availability. Any client(s) that are a NO-SHOW will have NO REFUND.

REVISED October 19th, 2018 – Emerald Limousine, Inc. & Limousine Services LLC Terms and conditions may change at anytime