Rental Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all vehicles operated by VIP Limousine LLC, including VIP-tier vehicles and Emerald-tier vehicles. A deposit on or payment for a vehicle will constitute your agreement with these terms.

COVID-19 Procedures: All chauffeurs will be masked while clients are entering, exiting, and onboard. All guests are requested to have a mask in place when entering and exiting the vehicle. If transportation is provided in a small vehicle (Sedan/SUV) where the client and chauffeur are within six feet of each other, it would be appreciated if the clients wears a mask through the duration of the services.

Deposit, Change and Cancellation Policy: Sedans/SUVs: Cancellations or pick-up time adjustments less than two hours plus drive time prior to the scheduled pick-up time will result in a charge equal to the full amount of the booking. Stretch Limos, Sprinters and Buses: reservations require a 50% deposit at time of booking, with full payment due 90-days prior to the date of the reservation; all deposits and payments are non-refundable. VIP will not be held liable for passenger flights or trains that are missed, canceled, diverted, or delayed, or any other incident which results in failure to comply with the cancellation policy.

Driver Gratuity: Based on the date of booking, in some cases, gratuity has not been added to this trip and is expected to be paid in-full to the chauffeur directly at the close of the trip. In other cases, a base hourly gratuity by vehicle has been added as part of the “all-inclusive services” for your convenience. If you have questions on which is applicable, please contact the office team. If a base gratuity has been added, it applies to all time the chauffeur spends on the trip, including pre-trip arrival time and post-trip drive time. The minimum base gratuity rates are: Sedan/SUVs, $14.87/hr; Stretches/Sprinters up to 13 passengers, $17.87/hr; Stretch Hummer and vehicles up to 20 passengers, $20.87/hr; all vehicles larger than 20 passengers (excluding Prevost), $23.87/hr; Prevost, $32.87/hr. The payment of this recommended tip is subject to your complete discretion and may be increased, decreased or eliminated entirely. Any gratuity received will be remitted in full to the chauffeur.

Additional Time: Overtime charges will apply when a driver is asked to make any stops or itinerary changes that either void a point-to-point transfer or extend the agreed upon drop-off time. Each client will receive a 15-minute grace period. All-inclusive “additional time” pay, covering all fees and services, will apply after the grace period, billed to the nearest quarter-hour.

Alcohol Policy: Client and it’s parties agree to obey all laws concerning alcohol consumption and assumes all responsibility for their passengers’ use of alcohol (including possession and consumption by minors), taking beverages off premises and overconsumption. Client also agrees to indemnify VIP Limousine LLC for any costs it incurs resulting from such actions by Client or their passengers. Kegs of any size are not allowed inside the vehicles.

Vehicle Damage: Smoking of any type is not permitted in our vehicles: if a passenger chooses to ignite a substance or use an e-cig/vape-type instrument, the run will end immediately and a minimum charge of $500 will apply for deep cleaning and air purification, plus a $500 fee will be charged for each carpet or seat burn. A minimum cleaning fee of $250 will apply if any of the following are found: overly ruinous materials, including but not limited to glitter, confetti, gelatin (Jello), frosting and/or straw; any instance of bodily fluid including but not limited to blood, vomit and/or urine. Vehicles do not have sunroof access; any opening windows (other than standard door windows) are only considered emergency exits. There will be a minimum $500 fee for tampering with emergency exits. Animals are not allowed on the vehicles unless they are registered service animals; if an animal is found present, the run will be discontinued and a minimum $250 clean-up fee will be charged. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by themselves or any members of their party. Any fines will be charged directly to the customer using the payment type on file.

Non-Discrimination Policy: VIP does not discriminate against our passengers for any reason, including but not limited to age, gender, race or sexual orientation. In return, we do not allow our valued passengers to discriminate against or harass our chauffeurs or staff. If discrimination or harassment against our staff was to occur, client/s engaging in such behaviors may be removed from trip or the run will be ended immediately with no refund on unused services.

Weapons: VIP’s policy is to maintain a firearms- and weapons-free environment and prohibits the possession of firearms and weapons on any of our vehicles regardless of any license or permit that an individual may have which would otherwise authorize the individual to carry firearms or weapons.

Other: VIP encourages all passengers to use appropriate safety restraints while traveling in our vehicles. VIP is not responsible for articles left in the limousine. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. VIP is not responsible for delays or run termination due to unsafe road or weather conditions; the driver has full control and responsibility for evaluating said conditions. Company is not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually-agreed upon date. The driver has the right to terminate a run without refund if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of any passenger.

Special Events and High-Capacity Dates: On certain dates, special event policies will override any other pre-stated policy, including but not limited to deposits, changes, cancellations or minimum hours. Rental vehicles may be used during special events – vehicle type and color may vary. We reserve the right to apply an 8-hour minimum booking limit and minimum 48-hour cancellation on rental vehicles. 2021: June 19-20: SUV/Sprinter bookings: 6-hr minimum, 24-hr cxl.

Agreement last updated: November 11, 2020